Vintage Spanking Magazines

Rich brat Lilian White discovers what a soundly spanked bottom feels like
ďSpanking is a programme?Ē laughs Lilian White at new tutor Patrick Bateman as he tells her to lie over his knee to be spanked in his discipline program. This Celebrity Brat comes from privilege but is about to experience her first-ever spanking - and itís a doozy! Those bouncing bare globes quickly redden as Patrick goes to work.

Naval officer Belinda Lawson challenges Col Grey to spank her harder!
ďIf the last exercise was anything to go by, you must do better,Ē mocks pretty Belinda Lawson as Col Grey tells her heís doubling her spanking for disrespect in Military Discipline. Hands on her head, her juicy bare ass is spanked a jiggling red with his hand and a stinging slipper. Cute out-take: Belinda admits she hates the slipper!
Standing high on the mantelpiece, Alison Miller spanked for not buying supper
Itís a high-wire act with Alison Miller standing over the fireplace to be spanked after forgetting to buy supper! Patrick Bateman finds a handy ping-pong paddle to use on her bare bottom to ensure the spanking is memorably stinging in Domestic Discipline. ďI was scared to fall off, so didnít dare move as he spanked,Ē laughs Alison.

Amber Wells Secret Archive series: bare bottom 10-swat school paddling
Every student dreads the school paddle! Even Amber Wells, who has bent over before to be spanked, respects the board of education. Sheís already been spanked by the Principal. Now he reinforces the message about respect with 10 stinging swats on her bare bottom with the senior paddle. Hereís the second in our lost videos series!
Trying to get her tutor fired gets Celebrity Brat Lily into even more trouble
Lying about her tutorís behavior earns Lilian White a bottom-burning 12 swats with a school paddle, including some with her cheeks bare! Mr Bateman is a stickler for standards and expect Lily to live up to them. Seeing her cheeks bounce red is one way of telling that sheís getting the message in Celebrity Brat.
Amber Wells Secret Archive series - a spanking treasure trove of missing videos!
Amber Wells stars in a treasure trove of school discipline spankings dating from 2006 - but these videos were never released! Sabrina Scott recently discovered them in our archive: now see Amberís bare butt spanked red with a wooden paddle over the principalís knee for disobeying a teacher in Secret Archive. This is a rare find!

Causing problems on her parentsí movie set gives Lily another sore bottom
Lilian White is meant to be at home studying with Mr Bateman, but decides to visit the film set where her parents are working - and itís not long before she causes problems. A Celebrity Brat can still be spanked: Patrick uses a stinging leather paddle on Lilyís jiggling tush, spanking her ass ruby red. Check out his high-speed finale!
Bare bottom epic strapping for naval officer Belinda Lawson tests her resolve
ďIs that really the best you can do?Ē goads stunning naval officer Belinda Lawson to Earl Grey as her bare ass takes 42 strokes with a leather tawse for off-the-record Military Discipline. Stripped to bra and stockings, flat on a vault, her bottom is relaxed and ripples spectacularly as she calls off the count. Reaction Cam replay!

Driving without a license? Thatís a bare ass hairbrush spanking for bratty Lily
Bare bottom swiftly reddened with a wooden hairbrush, Celebrity Brat Lilian White learns the hard way that driving without a license means a sound spanking from tutor Mr Bateman - and he means business! ďIíve done it lots of times, Iím a really good driver!Ē she wails. But the law is the law as Patrick spanks her bouncing cheeks.

Suspect financial practices earn Belinda Lawson a blistering bare strapping
Bent over a desk in the academy, buttocks bared, pretty Belinda Lawson pays the penalty for not supervising her unitís financial accounts in Military Discipline. Col Grey swings the tawse hard, but Belinda taunts that itís not enough! He doubles the punishment to 40 strokes and adds an extra cheek jiggling whack for insolence.

Alison Millerís bare bottom paddled for cutting school: spectacular spanking!
Cutting school is a serious offense, sending Alison to The Principalís Office. She has to choose between suspension or a paddling. Itís a no brainer as she bends over for 10 swats plus an extra two for dress-code. Sheís told to bare her bottom as a repeat offender: see her cheeks ripple and bounce as the Principal swings the board.
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